Day 6: Village for Children and the Pagoda

Today we got the chance to visit a children’s village for underprivileged children in Xi’an. The village was specifically construed for kids that have parents either that have passed away or are in prison. The village gives the children a place to live, study, and grow. For the younger kids, they live in dorms with 16 children to one mother figure. Once they are old enough to go to college, they either go to a university nearing the village or go to work.

When we visited this morning, there was a presentation and many other visitors there to support the village’s cause. They were selling arts and crafts that the children made to raise money and collected many charitable donations. Afterwards, we played some basketball with the kids and hung out with them on the playground. We ate in their dining hall with them, too. It was a great experience and made me feel good to know that China takes care of children that are less fortunate.

Afterwards, we visited the Pagoda, which is a sacred place that Buddhists go to practice their religion. There were many buildings with the Buddha inside and pillows that people kneel down on to pray. In fact, in the main tower, there is an entire room dedicated to Buddhists that is filled with prayer pillows and is used to practice daily in the mornings. China’s most popular Buddha is the smiling Buddha; his belly is filled with joy and happiness. It is a custom to rub his belly for good luck and fortune and we all got the chance to do so. Looking forward to hitting the Muslim streets for dinner and exploring more of Xi’an!

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