Cu Chi Tunnels

Today’s trip gave me a different perspective of the Vietnam War. We drove a couple hours to the Cuchi Tunnels and started with a tour around the old Viet Cong camps and tunnels. The tunnels were used as an underground defense system during the Vietnam War. They were used to connect the underground storage rooms, infirmaries, work rooms, and kitchens. We got to crawl through the dark tunnels and see each room with mannequins replicating wartime duties. The visit was a shocking experience. We read the propaganda and watched a video that portrayed the American soldiers as the enemies and killers. This is surprising to hear since in school we learn that the Viet Cong were the enemies. I think that it’s not always true that “history is written by the victors.” I think that it is more accurate to say that history is written by the leaders to flatter the country in front of their people. The Vietnam government wrote their history to favor the Viet Cong even though the situation at the time was not beneficial to the Vietnamese people. The Vietnamese citizens that I have met do not have the same views of the war as the government does. They view Americans very positively and adore our culture and people. They realize that the war is at the fault of the army and not of the innocent citizens that represent the nation. The relationship between our two countries is becoming progressively stronger. This international bond will continuously benefit the development industry in Vietnam because it benefits them economically.

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