The Wurst Mistake

Thank god for sleeping in; the last few days have been amazing but so draining. So after a late morning, we headed to Baindlkirch for brunch. We finally arrived after a long drive, and of course the first thing I did was accidentally go in the men’s room. I was doing so well avoiding dumb mistakes, but I think I’m prone to embarrassing myself. Once I got over my mistake, I had a great time. We had weißwurst and soft pretzels, which were amazing. The weißwurst proved to be a challenge; removing the skin was a little difficult, but it was worth it.

After brunch, we went back and changed before heading to KUKA. It is my company so I was excited to finally see the place I have been researching. The first room we went into was the company experience, where there was a light show and interactive robots. I really enjoyed the experience, but the actual tour was a let down. The robots were not doing much and when they did, they were slow. We then went back to Augsburg where a group of us went to get doner. It was very delicious and I am proud of our group so far for trying all different kinds of foods.


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