Day 1: Yes, I’m finally blogging!

I would apologize for my lack of blogging, but I’ve been enjoying my trip, so it’s been very easy to forget to blog. But, back to the beginning, our flight landed at what felt like 2am, but it was 8am and a bright day in Augsburg. After some pretzels, we headed to the tram station to see the city (not to throw Pittsburgh transportation under the bus- pun intended- but the tram is incredible; aside from its reliability and displayed minutes until its arrival, its is also very quiet and a smooth ride).

Augsburg was crowded, as it was one of three Sundays a year where stores and businesses are open, as our very own Dr. Feik informed us and a handful of the German students on our personal tour. We filled the rest of the day exploring a cathedral (close, but quite Cathy), the town hall and the Fuggerei. Pictured below is the golden hall that slightly resembled Versailles:

blog 1b

The Fuggerei are apartments that cost 88 cents a year to live in, populated by elderly and impoverished Germans. The rent has not increased since they were established way back when, and the apartments encompassed the charm of Augsburg: an interesting city whose mixture of old and new buildings make it truly fascinating.

blog 1c

Dinner was at a Bavarian restaurant where we and the Augsburg students were fed authentic cuisine. There is debate over what the meat was, but I’m still saying that it was a nice creamy chicken. My table decided to try the famous German soda “Spezi”, whose sugary goodness tasted like cruise down every flavor in a soda machine. That was my first of many Spezis on this trip.

I collapsed on the hotel bed after dinner, and did not move until the next morning.

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