Brew-tiful Churches

Today was our first company visit; we went to Faurecia. We had two presenters that each focused on either business or engineering. I was pleasantly surprised that I understood the entire business side; it was a direct application of the knowledge I learned in Operations. The tour itself did not include much to see, but it was fascinating to learn how much testing is involved for making a car sound right. Not being a car expert, I did not realize how big the sound of a car is.

After our visit, a group of us went to Henry’s Coffee. It was our first meal where we were on our own ordering, and of course neither the menu was in or the waiter knew English. We did end up ordering and getting exactly what we wanted. I had a Nutella and banana pancake (crepe) with a latte, which was delicious.

After lunch, we went on a tour of all the churches in Augsburg which focused on Luther’s time. It was a very unique experience to see all the different kinds of churches, from new to old to different denominations. Through an awkward activity, I learned that Germans view religion much differently than in America; we usually do not discuss it like they do.

For dinner, a group of us were determined to get a traditional Bavarian meal. Some very nice locals helped us find the restaurant and somehow, we were able to seat 13 people right away. During this dinner, we all learned an important lesson; Americans are loud. We got a lot of dirty looks and eventually were asked by the table next to us to be quiet. Despite being yelled at, we had a great time with great food. I am now confident that we can survive without Dr. Feick and Brad being with us at all times.


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