Heutige Abenteuer: BMW Part Two and the Olympia Tower

Everyone seemed to be extra dressed up today because we visited BMW headquarters in Munich. I expected the tour to be very interesting, but it surpassed what I expected. In the beginning, we got to take pictures and sit in the cars on the showroom floor which was fun. The i8 series car they had on display was absolutely show-stopping. The tour itself was very intriguing. We walked through the process of how BWM assembles their cars. There are two things that stuck with me the most. There was one area when KUKA robots and AGL robots were assembling the car frames, and the robots would pick up door frames and attach them to the base of the car using power tools and swiftly move around each other without making a mistake. In the amount of room they were working in, I was baffled at how efficient these robots were at using all the potential space and effectively assembling these cars. The other memerable section was when the cars were getting painted. We watched robots circle each car, evenly spraying the paint until the car was perfectly colored. So far, the tour guide told us some paint still gets wasted, (maybe 20% but I can’t remember) but BMW is working on minimizing that percentage. After BMW, we decided to take a trip to the top of the Olympia tower and the view was spectacular (see below). After the tower, we had some free time and decided to go on a long hike to the top of this hill where there was a platform to sit. The hike ended up being pretty steep at the end and I was sliding down the muddy-ish hill in my nice business casual shoes! I tried so hard to keep them black and not brown, but was barely successful. However, the view at the top was also gorgeous (see below) and the hike was worth it. Overall, today was a really great day and it ended with a nice pasta dish from the restaurant “Capitol.” Speaking of dinner, restaurants in Germany close there kitchen much earlier than they do back home, and I find that the craziest thing, considering half the time I don’t have time to eat dinner until like 8:30 at night on busy days.


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