Day 9 – BMW, Olympia Park

Today we went back to Munich and toured the BMW production plant. It was overwhelming. There was so much detail in everything: the way the metal is cut, the way the engines are put together, the way robots weld everything together. There is so much going on all at the same time. I can’t imagine designing an entire assembly line that made a finished car in 40 hours. It stresses me out just thinking about it. It amazes me. This company visit was the coolest one. We got to see how different BMW cars were made – from start to finish. Some cool things about BMW production: in Munich, there are 842 robots assisting in the assembly line; they produce 900-1000 cars every day; when they paint the cars, they give both the metal car and the paint a charge so that they attract each other, which decreases the amount of paint wasted by overspray.

We had planned on going to the BMW museum after the tour, however, it was closed so instead we toured Olympia Park, the place where the Olympics were held in 1972. We went up the tallest tower in Munich and saw a beautiful view. Then we walked around the park for a little bit. It was gorgeous out. I may even return to the U.S. with an unexpected tan. After going through the park, we hopped on the bus and drove back to the hotel. Once I got to the hotel, I had to leave and go to the University of Augsburg with my group. There we met the German students in our group and we worked on our Hirschvogel final presentation. We have to present it Wednesday. Then some of us went to a cute Italian place on campus and got pizza.

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