Ethical Issues in My Profession:

Computer engineering may not seem like it has many ethical issues it must deal with, but our company visits in China opened my eyes to some of these problems. Specifically, during our Cheetah Mobile visit, I learned about the care those who create apps and software that will be used by millions must take. Each update or new product must be carefully inspected to ensure that content appropriate for one culture does not appear inappropriate to another culture. In addition to this, there must be stringent bug testing to ensure that no issues occur which could affect those who rely on software, including things like privacy protection. Because of these topics, computer engineers must always work carefully and continue to improve their projects.

Educational Breadth as Professional Development:

I usually believe that traditional methods, such as classrooms, are the best way to learn about a topic area. After this trip, my view has shifted. Based on how much I learned from being in China, I am confident that you can learn just as much by exploring different countries, cultures, and opportunities. Immersing myself in Chinese culture, as well as meeting professionals from China has helped me to become a more well-rounded individual prepared for a professional career in the world of today.

Lifelong Learning, Continuing Education as Professional Development:

I have learned that no matter what your major or career path is, there is always more you can learn about that topic area, or something that can make you more efficient at your job. Thus, continuing education, especially with experiences such as study abroad can be incredibly useful. Insights into how people in other parts of the world conduct business and create products can spark innovation in your company, and improve your business. Learning, especially when done in groups, such as those from different countries, always leads to professional development and new, useful ideas.

The Social Environment of Professional Life:

The environment of professional life can vary greatly. For example, we learned that at Cheetah Mobile, employees are free to come and go as they please, as long as they complete their work. The dress code is also casual, and employees have many freedoms including a gym and ping pong tables. At other businesses, this is very different. Being that there is such variation in professional life, it is important to understand the culture of where you are working, and what is expected of you.

Functioning on Multi-Disciplinary Teams:

Functioning in a multi-disciplinary team may seem like a challenge, but in many cases there is a great advantage. On this trip, I learned how to effectively complete projects with members of another major. We allowed members to complete parts of the project which pertained to their strengths, making the content more accurate, and process more efficient. It is important to put aside your differences, and instead of seeing them as a challenge, use them to your advantage.

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