Germany or Bust!

My name is Eric Sherbocker and I am currently a freshman in the Swanson School of Engineering here at the University of Pittsburgh. I am a mechanical engineering major with interests in the fields of aerospace and space exploration. I am originally from New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, right outside of the state capital. I currently have my black belt in the martial arts style of Jung Sim Do, and in high school I swam and played volleyball. I am a big fan of music, both playing and listening, and myself play the viola, guitar and ukulele.

I am incredibly excited to have this opportunity to go to Germany! I am very much looking forward to getting an inside look at the manufacturing processes used by German companies. I find it fascinating how far advanced Germany is in its integration of automated manufacturing and its use of autonomous robots. Additionally, I have never been out of the country for any extended period and thus am thrilled to have the chance to experience and gain an understanding of German culture. I believe this will be a truly humbling experience and will help broaden my understanding of the world. Germany or bust!

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  1. Whitney Sherbocker says:

    Mark Twain said that “one must travel, to learn”. Hence, we’re so excited to see you go beyond textbooks, to travel and explore with Pitt’s Plus3 Germany adventure! We look forward to reading about the glories of our journey. Lots of Love from your cheering squad, Mom & Dad ❤️

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