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My name is Clay Countess, and I am currently a freshman attending the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt). Hail to Pitt! I am planning on majoring in chemical engineering with possible minors in history and computer science. I am from Annandale New Jersey where I live with my family. I have two sisters one of which is my twin. I also have a dog; her name is Bebe. My interests include: soccer, squash ping-pong, video games, and reading. My favorite sports team include Real Madrid, the Dallas Cowboys, and the New York Yankees.

I decided on the Plus 3 Vietnam trip because I am interested in learning about the Vietnamese culture and about nationalization. One of my interests is history, however, I have never really been exposed Vietnamese culture and history. I felt this trip would be able to give a glimpse into the Vietnamese culture and history. Also, I feel that a knowledge of how globalization work would be an important skill to learn. As more and more engineering is becoming global, this knowledge of globalization would be an asset in my future career endeavors.


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  1. Whitney Sherbocker says:

    Enjoy Vietnam, Clay!! Can’t wait to read all about your travels! 🙂

  2. Kathy Giewont says:

    Hi Clay! Looks like Vietnam has grown a lot since I was there 18 years ago! Looking forward to reading your bogs! What a great experience! Kathy Giewont

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