First China; Then The World!



Hello! My name is Gabrielle (Gabby) Peal and I am a rising sophomore studying mechanical engineering at the Swanson School of Engineering. I am from Lanham, MD and I am a Liberian-American. Some of my personal interests include helping youth by promoting education and tutoring younger kids. I also enjoy having new and adventurous experiences, meeting new people and spending time with my friends.

This summer I chose to go to China with the Plus 3 program firstly because I enjoy traveling and experiencing new things. My family and I always talk about the importance of learning about new cultures when we visit new places. Because of this trip I will get to explore a new culture in the continent of Asia for the first time. How exciting is that! Furthermore, while in China I will be learning about the smartphone industry. As an aspiring mechanical engineer all kinds of technology fascinate me, and I am particularly excited to be working with my group to come up with new innovative ideas. This is one of the many ways in which Plus 3 will be benefiting me in my professional and academic career.

I am definitely excited to be immersed into a completely different culture because I will be learning so much from my firsthand experience with people who are different from me and interpret life in a way that is different from how I do. However, at the same time this is also what I am nervous about. I know that it will be a culture shock for me, but I know that through this experience I will be developing my cultural awareness and developing a lifelong skill that will better me as a person.

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