Day 2: Danke

We started off the day taking a streetcar to the university of Augsburg. The streetcar seemed very clean. Much cleaner than US public transportation. The university was astonishingly modern with it’s architectural style. We then split up into our groups with German students to create a presentation about Germany.

The German students seemed to take their work pretty seriously; they don’t really joke around or find ways to waste time like a lot of people in my group projects. They also seem to hold strong eye contact when talking, and they have a perfectionist sort of mindset. It is a stereotype that Germans are a little standoffish, but I have not found that to be the case. The students seem very friendly when you get to know them.

When we presented, I noticed that when the presentations ended, German students would knock on wood twice while the Americans clapped. We eventually  got around to doing that. After presentations we had to go find the dining hall. We ended up asking at least 4 or 5 german students total, and most of them understood english. The lunch was amazing. I have no idea what was the food that I ate, but it was amazing. Right now my motto is that if I don’t know what it is, then I’m eating it.

We then went on a scavenger hunt around Augsburg, and we got to get more acquainted with the area. We went to a little cafe, and apparently waiters only get tipped like 50% of the time. We then had dinner at an Italian place, and the food was also amazing there. IMG_1536.jpg

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