Gucci Gang

Today was a dream come true. It started off with an amazing breakfast. Toast, yogurt, croissants, etc. it was spectacular! Then, we met at the lobby and headed to the Florentine Leather School. This place was beautiful. Our guide was so nice as she took us through the building. We saw everything from snake skin to ostrich skin. We even got a demonstration of how to make a leather coster with gold. The craftsman took the leather piece and place hot stamps on it to make a design. Then, he took gold leaves and covered the designs with gold. I think that coster ended up being worth more than me. After the presentation we got to see one of a kind purses being made but the owner of the company. We even learned about the history of the company and how its ownership has been passed on through generations.

After the leather school, we got free time to get lunch. A couple of the girl on the trip and I went to a great place and had pasta and pizza. All around us people were speaking different languages. Then, with cramping feet we went back to the hotel to take a short nap.

Later, we headed towards the Gucci Garden. It show cased different historical and present Gucci designs. This museum was amazing. Each tour guide was head to toe in Gucci as they took us through the different fashion exhibits. We were all amazed as we stared at the clothes that were worth as much as our college tuition. However, we did learn that Gucci, in order to be animal friendly, are reducing the amount of fur used in their clothing. This is a big step for the fashion industry as most of the clothing comes from animal products.

Lastly, we went to the Galileo Museum. The museum was filled with his creations and how he made the world what it is today. However, I think my favorite part was seeing his actual middle and pointer finger and his tooth! Kind of gross but kind of amazing. I am looking forward to tomorrow as we have mostly a free day!gucci.JPG

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