Building a Mountain Community

Monteverde roughly translates to “green mount”. This name reflects the lush cloud forests and rich biodiversity that covers the mountain. Ironically, the name was actually selected through vote by the Quakers who settled there.  While the Quakers were not the first people to inhabit the mountain, their efforts turned it into the town it is today. The Quakers also worked with the locals to promote conservation of the unique ecosystem that inhabits the mount. Their work had a lasting impact on the town of Monteverde that can be seen to this day.

The Monteverde Cloud Forest

The combined work of the Quakers and Tico Farmers positively impacted Monteverde. Together, they brought the issue of conservation to light and made great strides towards the protection of the local species. They brought a small group of farms and made them into a community. And through the work to promote the protection of the local ecology, gave Monteverde an identity as one of the most environmentally diverse areas in the world.

With the recognition, came the scientists, environmental enthusiasts, and tourists who wanted to see the famed Monteverde. This led to Monteverde becoming a large center for ecotourism, a type of tourism focused on the environment. Today people from all over the world travel to Monteverde to explore its natural wonders such as the Monteverde Cloud Forest or to enjoy new activities such as zip-lining through Selvatura Adventure Park. The tourists have brought money and jobs. This led to growth of Monteverde’s economy and community. Ecotourism has positively impacted and helped grow Monteverde into the area it is today.

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