Last Day in Monteverde

On our last day in Monteverde, we had the opportunity to walk through the cloud forest and see an actual rain forest. It was an amazing attraction with lots of tourists. This was a perfect example of the shift in the economics of the country.

Originally, much of the land was used for raising cattle and coffee. Before the  people became aware of the harm they were doing, they cut down a lot of vegetation to make room for themselves. This was doing them a lot of harm both ecologically and economically. Not only where they, Don Guillermo’s family and the Quakers, eliminating biodiversity, but they did not realize the financial opportunities that the beautiful landscapes and ecosystems could  bring with tourism.

Now that there is a lot more foreign investment, the goals of these businesses and people who live there are changing quite a lot for the better. They have shifted from destroying the landscapes to rebuilding them, and they are profiting from it with the increase in tourism. In this situation, there are no losers and everyone benefits.

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