Day 6: Jesus and Squatty Potties

So today we visited Vũng Tàu, home of some lovely beach and of Christ at Vũng Tàu, a large statue of Jesus on top of a small mountain. We started by climbing up to see Jesus ( I almost didn’t make it). After many many stairs we saw Jesus at the top, and we even got to climb up inside Jesus and look out over his shoulders. The view was amazing!Truth be told the city of Vũng Tàu is much much larger than I thought it would be. I suppose I underestimated the number of people needed to support both tourists and those who work with them.

So, on our way to Vũng Tàu, we stopped at a small market to use the restroom (it was a three hour drive). So, when we all get off the bus and push toward the restroom, there are already so many people waiting to pee, and it was just insane! Then, after that experience, at Vũng Tàu I go to use the restrooms, and I realize that restrooms there are squat toilets! So I suppose there are still new little culture shock bombs to be encountered every day, probably no matter how long one would stay here,

Although I was somewhat shaken by the surprising number of squat toilets and whatnot encountered on this trip, I was happy to have finally broken out some Vietnamese! Okay, so I only said a couple words–bao nhiêu (How much?). It’s a small milestone but I’m still happy about it. I need to work on my numbers though, I had a lot of trouble understanding her response.

Today was an exciting and relaxing day, relatively chill but still full of opportunities to explore and learn.

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