Dinner with a View

It was our last day in Florence. It started later than most days, which was nice because we all needed the rest. After a late breakfast at the hotel, we headed to a museum which houses the famous statue of David. His hands were massive. The tour also included other works of Michelangelo, specifically multiple attempts of the statue itself. Michelangelo was very critical of his own work, and that is why he tried so many times. He wanted perfection.

Once the tour finished, it was time for a walking tour that ended at the Duomo. The line for the Duomo wrapped around the enormous building, so a few of us decided not to wait in the line because we were going inside later for mass. Lunch was on our own today, and luckily our hotel is a few minutes away from several restaurants. The one we selected to eat at had this delicious pesto pasta that I chose. I actually ate inverted today because I had gelato before my meal.

Lunch left me very energized and ready for me to go to the Duomo for mass. It was so gorgeous inside and the ceiling detail was breathtaking. The mass was very relaxing and it was a nice change of pace. After dinner, we shopped around and I found the cutest pair of shoes and I also got a purse on sale. Following the shopping spree, we went to dinner near the Duomo, where I devoured rigatoni with vegetables with the prettiest views of Florence. Music was also playing during our meal, and today really was the picture perfect ending to Florence. Next stop Verona!

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