Ireland Inc.

Over the past few days, it has been clear that Ireland has been working hard since the recession to establish a marketable brand to the rest of the world.  This was first evident on the first day with the trip to Google.  We discussed the reason the multinationals were coming to Ireland.  Part of this was the fact that Ireland will be the only English speaking country in the EU.  Part of the reason was unintentional, having so many educated young individuals eager to go into work with no jobs to go to.  Part of the reasoning was very intentional and calculated, the government lowering taxes as an incentive for the multinationals to come here and invest. All these have combined to become Ireland Inc’s brand and a reason for foreign investment.

Our trip to Bord Bia further revealed how Ireland is intentionally creating a brand to market to the world for the country’s betterment.  They discussed how Bord Bia works hard to establish existing food brands and create new ones that align with the Ireland brand of quality food directed at consumer’s tastes.  They work both internally and externally to the country to create quality brands and then present them in the best light to the world to ramp up exports.

The effects of these efforts on all sides have brought about mixed results for Ireland.  Obviously as we have seen they have been extremely successful in bringing in investment and growing the country’s economy.  However, with this has been skyrocketing rent prices forcing out a lot of the indigenous people to Ireland.  I think that Ireland should simultaneously focus on the Ireland Inc. brand while creating a strategy to help those the economy is displacing.  This is a challenge that cities around the world are currently facing, and an issue that is equally as important as economic growth.

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