Resorts and Jesus

Today, 5/1/2018, was a little bit different than most of our days here in Vietnam. It was different in that there wasn’t an academic component to the day. The day went as follows, we woke up at 5am got a bus and headed to the city of Vung Tau. Vung Tau is on the coast of Vietnam. Once there, we went to its main attraction, the Jesus statue. I will put a picture below, but the statue sits on a hill that once climbed provides an excellent view of the city. The Jesus statue its self is hollow and one is able to climb to the top and go out on to its shoulders to get a better view. After this, we went to a beach side resort to swim and eat lunch. The food was fantastic. A five course meal topped off with crème brûlée which is part of the cuisine the French left in Vietnam. We then were free to swim and relax. It was quite a nice day with the fast pace of the previous week.

As for Vung Tau itself, it seemed like most sea side towns that I had been to before. It reminded me of the Dominican Republic in the layout of the town. I didn’t really have any expectations of what it was going to be like. However, once there it seemed quite a nice town. The Jesus statue was especially awe-inspiring. This day was the perfect relaxation day and I enjoyed it immensely but am looking forward to the days ahead.


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