Day 13: Ciao Means Goodbye Too

This morning, we went to the Milan Fashion Library.  It is an archive of old lookbooks, magazines, and newspapers since the 19th century.  They came from many different countries from many different years, and it was all part of the private collection of one man.  It is still private, but students and designers are welcome to schedule appointments.  The library is in the basement, but the rest of the apartment serves as a space to hold parties and events for the library.  I looked through several lookbooks and magazines from 2005.

Then we went to lunch and had risotto, veal, and chocolate cake.  It was a great last group lunch!


Afterwards, I went back to the hotel and packed up my stuff.  Then we went shopping by the duomo and I got a gift for my brother (he’s so spoiled by me).  We ate dinner and had Venchi gelato (probably the best I’ve ever had… I’ll miss it).

I had a great time in Italy over the past two weeks, and I made so many great new friends.  Thank you to Pitt and Plus3 for this experience!

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