Final Reflection

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Its been two days since I returned from Ireland. I had a fantastic time meeting new people, making new friends and experiencing a new country. I always knew I wanted to study abroad but my experience completely exceeded my expectations.

I enjoyed many things from the trip including experiencing how business is done in Ireland. I really feel like this was a rewarding experience that has broadened my horizon and made me a more well rounded business person. The skill I feel was sharpened the most was my ability to adapt. Many of the things that happened were not planned and we all recognized this. The theme of the trip was “living in ambiguity” and looking back we did this on a daily basis. It was unique to all of us as we are use to planning and being ready as students but this change allowed me to grow in business and as a person.

My favorite site visit was Croke Park. It was awesome seeing the stadium and learning about the history of the field and how important Gaelic Soccer and Rugby are to the Irish people. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about all things Ireland and was very passionate. He explained the history of the field and what it means to the Irish people. Kids get in for almost nothing and tickets are sold to members of the community to bring the people together and root for their team. Almost all the workers are volunteers including the players. Passion was a common theme we saw in the Irish people. I had no idea how big a part of the culture the stadium and sports were.

Overall I had an amazing trip. I made so many new people that now feel like old friends. I’m appreciative of the opportunity I have been given to go on this trip and will not soon forget all the memories and experiences I have made.

-Pauly Pots signing out.

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