Blog: Three Day Sick Day Extravaganza

So Wednesday night, about 14 of us went out to an area south of the financial district in the first ring, and most of us drank drinks with ice in it.  We all had an amazing time, but that night led to a lot of problems later down the road.

The next night, I packed up my things and called it an early night, as we were leaving for Xi’an early the next morning.  I maybe slept for 2 hours, as I dreamt about being sick and in pain.  Wouldn’t you know it, when I did wake up, I felt sick and had intense abdominal pain.  I went to the bathroom and hunched over the toilet in pain.  I figured our pretty quickly that I had food poisoning.  I was lucky that my roommate walked in on me being sick, as he was able to help me out as I began to vomit violently and contact our program coordinators about the issue.  As it turned out, I wasn’t the only person sick, as three others were confirmed to be sick as well, all of whom were at the place the night before as well.  It clicked for me immediately that we got food poisoning at the bar.  One of the others was already at the ER, and rest of us were shortly brought to the same ER shortly afterwards.  They took us to a really nice hospital in the southern part of the first ring where all of the doctors and nurses speak English.  We were in the hospital all night, and I ultimately ended up getting about 5 IV drips.  Three others ended up in the ER as well for food poisoning.  The seven of us all went back to the hotel in the morning to rest. We stayed in the hotel for another couple of days with Gabi, our program assistant, and Lilliana, one of the program coordinators, while Dr. Li everybody who didn’t have food poisoning to Xi’an.  It was decided that it was the best idea for us to go directly from Beijing to Shanghai, and have us just stay an extra day an extra night in Shanghai instead of us just staying in Xi’an for a single night.  It’s a bummer that we missed out on Xi’an, but we all needed the rest.

Sunday morning, all 9 of us went to the train station to get on a bullet train to Shanghai.  I was astounded by how relaxed the security is for train stations in China.  We had to go through a single checkpoint with just an x-ray and a metal detector.  We all were through security in 5 minutes.  I would have taken 3 times as long at any American security checkpoint.  The train station itself is very reminiscent of an airport, and it had a lot of fast food places in it like KFC and Dunkin’ Donuts.  We then boarded the train and then we were off to Shanghai in a narrow metal tube going 300 km/h.  Our ride there wasn’t bad at all.  We had able leg room, comfy seats, and a scenic view of coastal China, which is surprisingly smoggy.  I was expecting to see blue skies on the way down to Shanghai, but I was very wrong.  There was nothing but smoggy skies all the way down to Shanghai.  Once we arrived in Shanghai, we met up with Yangyang, our PC for Shanghai, and boarded a minibus to take us to the hotel.

The hotel itself is amazing.  We are in a 5 star Regal hotel in urban Shanghai.  The rooms themselves are also very spacious and my room has a gorgeous view of downtown.  After a long day of transportation and still recovering from the sickness I went to bed early after arriving in the hotel room.


P.S: The image is basically how I felt the night that I get sick

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