Blog Day 10: How Do They Bend That Way?

Not being afforded the privileged to be able to sleep in anymore on the trip really reared its head today.  It felt different having to wake up at for a 9:00 start time, compared to taking it slow with either a 10:00 am start or resting for the day.  It wasn’t a major struggle, but it was just a bit of an adjustment.

Our only visit of the day was to Eastern China University of Science and technology (ECUST), a local university in Shanghai.  We went there to hear a lecture on business in China from one of their business professors.  She broke down a lot of modern history about China and how that affects finance and business.  For example, she explained that China doesn’t have a strong stock investing industry because most people invest their money in houses, significantly driving up housing prices.  It was an informative lecture with a strong Q&A section to it in the beginning.  Pairs of us were then assigned to “buddies” from the university.  The buddies got us lunch and we were able to talk to them for a bit.  I had fried rice for lunch, which was a nice change of pace from the usual family style lunches and dinners.  After lunch, they had us go back to the classroom where we had the lecture to do a couple of icebreakers/ teambuilding exercises.  About half of us ended up doing some sort of performance in front of everybody.  For example, Ryan Moore sung the US national anthem while wearing a communist hat.  I was having a lot of fun with it until I had to go up… twice.  I was lucky that both times I was in a group and just followed their lead.  I was glad when we finished the activity.  We then left the university for the Hotel

Later that night, 11 of us were able to go see an acrobatics show in a convention center on Nanjing road, a prominent shopping street.  The show was amazing. The performers were able to feats that didn’t even know was humanly possible.  The show was a lot of fun to watch, and I’m glad that I was able to go to it.

After the show, everyone who went wandered through Nanjing road, making our way to the People’s park.  The street is one of the largest shopping streets in China, with a plethora of high end shops on it.  This includes brands like Gucci and Rolex.  None of us could afford shopping on that street, but it was a pretty street and it was in a very wealthy part of town.

The Park itself was kind of terrifying to be in.  It was pretty, but we were also a bunch of obvious young foreigners in a dark and isolated part of a megacity.  We all knew what we were doing was somewhat dangerous, and we joked about it too.  We were fine, and it was fun.  The not fun part was then turning around and walking three miles to get back to the hotel to call it a night.



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