East China University of Science and Technology

After a nice 5 star continental breakfast the group headed out to our destination for the day the East China University of Science and Technology. I was especially excited to finally visit a science university after hearing all this business stuff. But to my dismay, when we sat down to hear our lecture it was another business one. She talked about how the popularity of WeChat is prohibiting people who don’t us yuan from being able to do a lot of activities such as renting a bike because they don’t have bank accounts that they can link to WeChat. I found that interesting that the thing that was holding them back from full inclusion of everyone is their type of currency.

After learning a little about the yuan, we were paired up with students and taken out to lunch. We got to eat at the university’s cafeteria. I always wondered if the students ate just Chinese food or if they had a variety. The cafĂ© has a wide selection of… only Chinese food. However, it was very cheap. I got 20 dumplings for $3.

After lunch, we went on a tour of the campus and got ice cream to combat the near 100 degree weather. We all gathered back into the room we started in to play a game with the students. It was a variation of musical chairs except everyone is seated and we pass around an object. Whoever is holding the object when the music stops has to do something in front of the class. Whether that be telling a joke or singing a song, that is up to you. Needless to say, the first person up there sang the star spangled banner, and all of the Pitt students sang along as the East China University of Science and Technology students sat there looking confused.

Later during free time, some of the guys took a trip to downtown Shanghai. Traffic was crazy and taxis are not trust worthy, so we took a gamble on the subway system. Initially we went on the wrong direction subway, but we just hopped off and got on the opposite one no extra cost besides time. If it isn’t the wealthiest area of China, it must be pretty close to it. Everyone had Gucci and Louis Vuitton, and I saw extremely nice cars left and right.

We came upon this art mall, where they had sculptures hanging everywhere and paintings on the floors and walls. Not to mention a butterfly sanctuary that was the size of a store. It was the coolest mall I’ve been inside of. Also the most expensive. They sold all the most expensive brands. I found shoes that were worth more than cars.

By the time we were ready to go home we were all spent from walking around in blazing heat all day. Luckily we had the subway system down to a science so we got back fairly quick. Mostly due to the efficiency of the system, but nobody we told about it knew that.

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