Day 11: The Presentations

Welp. Today’s the day. The last academic activity of the trip. The company presentations. This is what we’ve been working towards all week, but we weren’t done yet. We had all of today free, besides the presentations, so my group decided to use our time before the presentation to perfect our PowerPoint. However, the German students weren’t free until the afternoon which meant that we had the morning to do whatever. Every day that we’ve walked around Augsburg, we’ve walked past a strawberry stand in the shape of a strawberry, and every day I’ve said that I’m going to go there, but never did. Since we had the time, me, Ally and Gemma decided to go give it a shot. We walked down there and got the largest carton of strawberries they had.

On the way back, we were walking past the DM (drug mart) and Gemma and Ally mentioned that they had seen a brand of shampoo with my last name on it. Naturally I had to go check it out. I felt famous haha. Of course I bought a bottle and we were on our way.

Once we were back to the hotel, there was a group of people gathered in the lobby playing cards and just hanging out. Since we had so many strawberries to eat, we offered a few around and then treated ourselves to the rest while we worked on our presentations a little bit. They were insanely fresh and sweet and amazing.

We finished the strawberries and were sitting in the lobby talking for a bit when one of the other Pittsburgh students comes down and says that she’s about to go get her ears pierced at a tattoo parlor down the street. She had mentioned doing it at the beginning of the trip, but no one thought that she was serious about it. Apparently she was. However, she was planning on going by herself, so me and Ally insisted on joining her so that she wouldn’t be alone.

Well, all of that happened and then it was time to go get lunch at the University. All of the Pittsburgh students were given free lunches at the Mensa, but with this ticket you can get as much food as you want, so we offered to get the German students lunch too. We met Lara and Patrick at the Mensa at 1 to get lunch. Annabelle had something going on then, so we got her some lunch to go. The presentations weren’t until 5:30, so we had a few hours to put the finishing touches on our presentation. Trust me, that was not an easy process. We ran through it once and it lasted 34 minutes. There’s a 20 minute limit… This isn’t good. We had to cut out 14 minutes. I was freaking out a little bit because that was like half of our presentation. 4 rehearsals, 2.5 hours and a lot of arguing later, we got it down to 19 minutes. Wahoo!

Now it was presentation time. We all get to the room, well everyone except for the BMW group who showed up late. There wasn’t a set order for us to present in, so we drew numbers from a hat and SGL got picked to go fourth.

First was BMW. Their presentation was really good, scary good. It freaked me out a bit because of how much better their’s was than I thought that our’s would be. However, my group reassured me that they were given the best company to present on, so naturally their presentation would be good too, and that we would be fine.

The second and third groups presented and finally it was our turn. I was freaking out, but I was prepared. We were gonna do great. We practiced way too much for this to go wrong, and thankfully I was right. I think it went really well. We went a little over the time limit, but Dr. Feick didn’t seem to notice, so we were in the clear. Other than that, everything went well. We were able to answer all of the questions and nobody messed up their parts. I’d say it was a total success.

To celebrate finally finishing our presentations, our group decided to go to this really good pizza place on campus to get some dinner. It was really fun just hanging out with our group, not stressing about schoolwork or anything. I got to know them a little bit better. We even learned some German out of it haha.

After pizza, we celebrated the end of presentations as well as Jeremy’s birthday. It was a lot of fun, but we have an early day tomorrow, so I didn’t stay out too late. Tomorrow, we’re going to some place that I’ve never heard of… I guess we’ll find out tomorrow though!

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