Delphi and AmCham

Today, our day was filled with various company visits to Delphi ICE Company and the AmCham company. I was so excited to visit these two companies, as we would truly be able to see how the engineering side fits in with the business aspect of a company. At the Delphi Company, we heard from a Pitt PHD alum who was able to talk about the various aspects of his career that his education helped him with, along with the fact that ones career can go in a completely different path than they expect it to, something which they must be ready for. It was so wonderful to hear from him how the Delphi company operated, and afterwards we were able to go for a tour around the company as well as the different car manufacturing processes. As I have taken multiple engineering and robotics courses in the past, I was able to appreciate how each system of the car had to be cared for and tested on in order to make the end product as apt as possible. As we walked around the engineering lab, I thought about how much my brother, who had a great interest in cars and in engineering, would enjoy this! I took lots of pictures of the process to explain to my brother later. My favorite part of the whole process was seeing how it all integrates together-if even one part does not work as expectations, it can mean altering for a lot of other parts of the car as well-all of which must be considered in a timely and cost effective manner.


Next, after the Delphi Visit, we visited the American Chamber of Commerce, which was perhaps one of my most favorite company visits! At AmCham, we spoke to United States natives who were now living and working in China about their experiences about working in Shanghai, along with the many adjustments they had to make while shifting their base. My favorite part of the visit was the amount of dialogue and conversation we had regarding the financial state of China, such as discussing topics such as GDP growth, inflation, and international trade. It was also interesting to see how people in China treated the Trade Disputes vs. how they were treated in the States-largely due to the differences in how the media chose to play it out. In addition, I asked a question regarding how Facebook’s data scandal influenced WeChat and other Chinese Social media’s way of doing business and extracting data from customers, and it was interesting to hear the differences in views on this question. It was great to connect with the AmCham professionals, and I definitely felt as if this was a place that I would love to work for one day if given the opportunity. Shanghai’s work culture is so different than that of the United States, and I definitely enjoyed seeing the many subtle changes in policies that I suppose is transient throughout Asia. After going to the company visits, we headed back to the hotel to all play Mahjong and talk for a bit before the day came to an end!

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