Cargo Shipping is an Intricate System

I was probably the most excited to tell my family about today’s visit! We went to the Ocean East International Logistics Company, along with the Yang Shan port, which was a wonder in of itself. The Ocean East International Logistics Company is a logistics transportation company that deals with manufactured products and raw goods coming in and out of the port locally as well as internationally. We had the opportunity to hear from a manager in the company who worked in the field of logistics, and it was amazing to hear his perspective on many of the questions we had. I asked about how much importance is given to the emissions that these transportation systems make, and what measures are taken in order to align with China’s goals to reduce pollution. It was satisfying to hear that they are trying their best to use green technologies, and that much importance is given to the emissions that cargo ships make. In addition, we learned about the various supply chain logistics that have to go into managing large shipments and dealing with damaged or lost goods. The presentation was truly insightful, and I left feeling like I had learnt a lot. After the presentation, we had a chance to visit their factory and see the many different robotic systems work in unison in order to take out and put in important packages. This was a very unique company visit for me because my family owns a factory in India, and it was definitely interesting to see how traditional shipment factories operate in China vs. in India. We all enjoyed taking videos and pictures of the different machines at the factory, and afterwards, we took a picture with the yellow cargo vests that we were given to borrow!


After the company visit, we had the opportunity to visit one of the largest ports in the world for ships-the Yang Shan Port. To say that it was breathtaking is an understatement. It was so beautiful, and the view was even more marvelous. All around us, you could see mountains as well as the endless body of water. There was a plethora of different cargo ships in all colors spanning the region, all colorcoded and matched properly. Ships of cargo were coming in and out, and we had the opportunity to see all of this from a higher altitude. The breeze was light and the sky was clear, and I could not help but think how lucky I was to be able to see the port. This was something I probably would not have had the chance to see on my own if I would have visited China, and I am so thankful to Pitt to have been able to experience this!


After we headed back to the hotel from a long day, we had the opportunity to walk around and experience Shanghai and its parks some more before heading off to bed for the night. The next day is full of company visits-very excited to see what comes!


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