East China University: A Bonding Experience

Today was definitely one of the most intriguing, inspiring, tiring, and fun day of the entire trip so far. We had the opportunity to visit the East China University of Science and Technology, where we engaged in a brief lecture, campus tour, and activities with university students, which was such a great visit! In high school, I attended a school dedicated to Science and Technology for a brief period of time, so it was definitely interesting to compare and contrast my experiences from the school to the overall structure and courseload that these students took. The campus was more so similar to the last university visit that we did, but it was so cool to see that it was a world in of its own. There were different shops, dorms, and educational buildings in a gated area that we had the opportunity to visit. During the lecture, the professor discussed many different aspects of traditional Chinese business philosophies, as well as fun facts about China. She was able to contrast and compare the U.S. to China very thoroughly, and the lecture was very informative. After the lecture, we took a campus tour and then participated in many different fun games to bond all of the Chinese students with us! The games were so much fun, and we got to see so many hidden talents of people that we would not have had the opportunity to see otherwise. I really enjoyed the visit, and I hope to visit again soon one day!


During the evening, we had the opportunity to attend a traditional Chinese acrobatics show, and it was amazing! I enjoy acrobatics and carnivals, but this was something completely unexpected. It was a perfect mix of culture, dance, acrobatics, and magic and it was surreal to have been able to witness this in person. Throughout the show, I kept my eyes peeled on the stage, for I was in awe of every move that they made. There was a distinct theme to each act in the show, and it was impressive to see how cohesively pieced all of the acts were with each other while still retaining their individuality. One of our peers actually had a chance to go up there and be part of the show, which was super cool to watch! I would definitely love to watch more Chinese acrobatics shows in the future if given the opportunity.


After the show, a few of us decided to stay back on the famous streets of Shanghai and walk around the famous stores that lined the blocks. It was fun just to see it from the outside and walk around-definitely worth the visit! We all decided to walk back to the hotel, which was a few miles away, and we had a blast while doing so. Singing and laughing the whole way, I had a chance to see Shanghai on foot like I never had before, and it was such a great experience to see a different facet of the city. Shanghai truly never sleeps, and it was amazing to see how much of a New York vibe was imbedded in the streets. After a tiring day, I fell asleep almost immediately and was excited for the day to come.


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