Challenges: Finding ANYTHING that fits!

Honestly one of the biggest challenges I had to overcome in Vietnam did not actually stem from the culture difference, but rather my inability to dress business casual. I did not pack enough appropriate business casual clothes and had to buy new shirts in Vietnam. This was quite the challenge, as people from Vietnam and Southeast Asia are generally speaking somewhat small, and I am considered a plus size in the US. After searching through almost the whole women’s clothing section I found a few 3x’s and 4x’s. Exactly two of the shirts fit, and I bought them and alternated them for site visits.


^ One of the Shirts

My advice to avoid a situation like this is to consider the challenges that arise trying to buy certain products in a foreign country might be. For example plus sized clothing is hard to find in Asia. You probably will not be able to find appropriate over the counter medication, or any very specific product. There is a delicate balance between overpacking and underpacking, so when packing remember to pack plenty of what will not be available in that country—and to bring enough business casual dress!

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