Overview of the Plus3 Vietnam


Plus 3 Vietnam is a three-credit study abroad experience offered by the University of Pittsburgh to business and engineering students. This program focuses on how globalization has affected the development of Vietnam.

This course consists of two main components, a pre-departure component and actual trip. The pre-departure component includes an introduction to globalization, the country-specific industry-focus, supply chains, historical, cultural, and economic environments of Vietnam, as well as an introduction to the companies that will be visited during the program. During this component, students will additionally acquire an introduction to the history, culture, social, and business conditions of Vietnam.

The study abroad field component includes company visits, field trips, classes and lectures. Each student is required to attend and participate in the classes, participate in all company visits and university activities, and write a daily blog to be posted on the program website. While at the field location, the students will work in teams to develop, research, complete, and present their company-based research project.

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