Company Visits



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My favorite thing about the company visits was seeing what we were learning about. We had read articles about development and globalization, but the difference between simply reading about something and actually seeing it and how it impacts the world is huge.

During the company visits we got to see exactly how companies were developing Vietnam, and drawing in international business. We saw how Glass Egg Digital Media develops Vietnam by training local artists and creates international business ties by working with many international clients. We saw how the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park brings in foreign investment by developing land and creating an environment conducive to international business which encourages businesses like II-VI, an international laser component manufacturer headquartered in Saxonburg, PA, to open up branches in Vietnam.

Honestly I thought that the company visits would be about learning how daily operations differ from the daily operations of American businesses, but we learned almost nothing about that. Rather we learned about how the businesses functioned in the different economic environment of Vietnam and affected that people around them, which was incredibly more enlightening and interesting.

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