Plus 3 Introductory Post

Whats up guys my name is Nicholas Erni and I am currently a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh studying finance. I have a deep passion for the car industry, as I have been exposed to it ever since I was a young kid. My father often deals with the buying and selling of German vehicles, such as Porsches and BMW’s. I have looked around the industry at basic entry level positions surrounding finance and marketing, but my real passion lies in the sales industry. The feeling of striking a sale is unmatched in my opinion. Not only will going to Germany and the other car manufacturers be a great step to working in the car industry, I will also be able to network with people I may have never had the chance to if I were to not go on this trip. In my free time at home I tend to spend my summers surfing in Delaware. I actually started a little surfing business last summer, that my buddy and I are going to try to grow even more this summer. I am also an avid weightlifter, so if their is any gyms around us in Germany I would love to go!

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