Pre-Departure Post

By: Michael Callandriello

Professional Picture

Hello, to whoever may read this, my name is Michael Callandriello. I am currently a sophomore, majoring in finance and business information systems. I am from New Jersey, about 45 minutes outside New York City. Some of my hobbies include sports, video games, blackjack, and analyzing analytics. I have always had a passion for baseball and would love one day to further advance my career in that field. On more of a professional level, I am currently running my own sports betting consulting company. It is called Streamline Sports Betting. The entire company is operated through Instagram and it has over 4,000 followers with about 200 subscribers. I have been working on it for over 3 years and look to expand it in the near future. I have also been a baseball umpire for the past 6 years. Even though it may seem like a simple job, I have learned some valuable lessons on how to deal with people from all different backgrounds. Additionally, I have interned at a company called Clover. It is a small based telecommunications company in New Jersey. I interned there last summer and look to do so again this summer. Some of the duties I held while working there over the past summer are client management, finances, and basic information technology solutions.

The Pitt plus 3 program that I have chosen is in Ireland. I wanted to do this program last year, but unfortunately I was not in the business school yet. I am very excited for this experience because Ireland is one of my favorite places to travel. I traveled to Ireland with my family about three years ago and it was incredible. Ireland is filled with culture, history, and is starting to blow up for companies to launch new headquarters in. Personally, I am hoping to gain memories that will carry throughout my lifetime. I’m hoping to visit new places and meet new people that will introduce me to new things. Academically, I am looking to gain insight on business in Ireland. I am hoping to gain insight of different business practices and get a different point of view. Additionally, I’m looking to gain information that I can use in the real world or at school further on in my life. The experiences and insights that will present us in Ireland are sure to make an impact on me as a student in my final two years here at the University of Pittsburgh. Professionally, like any other student, I am looking to make connections and build up a resume. You never know what connections you can make at any point in your life, so in Ireland I’m hoping to find people that I can reach out in the future for jobs or internships. Overall, I am very excited for this program and hope to make memories that will last me a lifetime!

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