Mystery Mansions Are Hard

While in Charlotte, we did an escape room as a team building activity. It was me and four other students on the trip, and we were assigned the Mystery Mansion room. In this room, we had to find clues, unlock doors, and solve riddles.

During this activity, I noticed that some of my strengths from my StrengthsFinder Assessment came into play. For me specifically, the most prominent strengths were Focus and Deliberative. As for the Focus attribute, that came into play mostly while working with my teammates to figure out clues. I was able to follow directions well, as well as make corrections when something was wrong. For example, we were given an abundance of numbers as well as locks. We had to figure out what numbers went with what locks based off of clues in the room. I was able to make a couple key corrections while looking for the right combination. As far as the Deliberative attribute, as explained earlier, we had a lot of numbers to work with. Instead of just randomly trying the numbers in the locks, I took careful consideration to figure out what numbers went with what locks, because that is the most effective way to go about solving the puzzles.

My teammates also displayed their strengths during the activity. Lacey and Maddie mostly displayed strong Communication skills when trying to figure out the clues. Doing this improved teamwork within the group overall by encouraging conversation. Carlye displayed her ability to Adapt to situations presented within the escape room. There are a lot of moving pieces and unexpected turns, and with the time restriction being able to quickly adapt is crucial. Torrey also displayed Communication, but also displayed Strategy. Torrey often took a lead role and strategized a game plan, and this was very important to the outcome of the activity.

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