Day 4: Silk, Cuomo, Clooney!

The weather today was…interesting, to say the least! Our beautiful, sunny blue skies were wet and gray today. I didn’t pack a jacket for this weather, so I spent the day bundled up in my jean jacket. We took an hour long bus ride to Como, where we visited Mantero Seta, or the Mantero Silk company. Como has a rich history of silk production, and Mantero upholds it. They have been producing silk in the Como region for over 100 years!

The exterior.

Unfortunately, we were unable to photograph the factory, as they are currently in production for new seasons for Louis Vuitton and Chanel. We toured their design laboratories, production floor, and archives, where they keep thousands of silk pieces from different collections and designers. Our guide told us about the rigorous color and design process, and how they work to be a sustainable, in house production that meets its customers high standards.

After the tour, we hit the road and headed to Lake Como. After a delightful pizza lunch in one of the many little alleys of Como’s winding cities, our guide took us around to view the Duomo of Como and other structures.

After our land tour, we toured Lake Como by water! We took an amazing boat ride and enjoyed the beautiful blue water of Lake Como and the historical mansions and beautiful sailboats of the residents of the lake.

It was so relaxing to spend the day out on the water, and then to go out to eat with friends! I’m looking forward to visiting Italy’s first and largest Starbucks tomorrow, and to visit the Armani museum!

We went by George Clooney’s house, and then Matt ACTUALLY met George. We have the pictures. They’re real.

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