Enterprise Ireland!

After a long night of traveling, we finally arrived in Dublin early Wednesday morning! We started our first day here in Dublin by visiting Enterprise Ireland. Enterprise Ireland is a government run organization that help start-up companies (specifically tech companies) grow by helping with funding, exporting, research & development and providing industry expertise.

The 5 main takeaways I had from todays presentation were:

  1. Clients find all types of assistance helpful but find mentorship from experts the most helpful. Having an expert who has “walked the walk and talked the talk” is extremely valuable, more than money alone. This is because the mentor can give relatable advice and can help overcome obstacles that they likely went through.
  2. I was fascinated by the type of companies they supported over 2018. Aid:Tech stood out to me in particular because I didn’t know they used AI for medical purposes. This demonstrated where the future is going and amazed me.
  3. Different industries have different evaluation criteria for whether or not they will be considered to be supported. Medical Products, for example, need a lot of R&D before being able to produce a product so they can get support very early on. Whereas a software company should have a working prototype in order to receive support.
  4. They prefer to work with start-ups with multiple founders because different founders will have different strengths. This will provide a wide range of strengths as well as compensating for any weaknesses.
  5. I walked away with a better understanding of how prevalent technology companies are here in dublin. 8 of the 10 biggest software companies are here in Dublin. This proves that Dublin is, in fact, a deep tech powerhouse and really focuses on software and AI.

I was interested in everything said tofay however, because of the complexity, some of the concepts went over my head and were hard to comprehend.

  1. While I found the examples of AI and Blockchain extremely interesting, I did not understand the Industries very well. I felt that they did a good job explaining the surface level concepts but since I didn’t understand the industry well, I was confused about how these companies were improving the industry.
  2. While they consider themselves a government-run company, they seemed to act more like a private company. I am not too sure how the government regulates the decisions they make or how they use their money.
  3. In general, I found that some of the presenters would use industry-specific technical terms that I did not know. While I still saw the big picture of what was being done, I would have liked to pick up on more of the specific details.

Whenever I am listening to a presentation given by someone who is passionate and educated about the subject, I feel obligated to try to match their enthusiasm by being an active listener and understand what they are saying. Being an active listener to me means keeping eye contact, nodding my head with approval and asking questions when applicable. However, when the content is complicated and confusing I tend to get frustrated when I do not comprehend what is being said and feel lost. I try to manage these emotions by writing down notes, staying calm and continuing to listen. By continuing to listen to the presenter and not getting discouraged, I am able to grasp the concepts better and clarify my earlier confusion. If I am still confused by something at the end of a presentation, asking questions always helps to clarify.

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