Moments in Milan: Day 4

Today was a highly eventful day with a tour of Mantero Silk company followed by a boat tour of lake Como. Mantero is a textile manufacture of predominantly silk with some polyester that employs over 500 people. They refer to themselves as the “ghost writers of the fashion industry” due to the heavy influence they have on their consumer companies that rely on them for the high quality materials they provide that are made into the end products. The primary businesses that work with Mantero are luxury and high fashion brands, but also do some work with more affordable companies like Zara with their polyester production. I would have loved to take photos of some of the upcoming designs they were working on for companies such as Louis Vuitton, but photography was strictly off limits. An employee prior to our visit was fired for that exact reason posting a picture of her work to social media; not a brilliant move that blatantly goes against engineering integrity. The company itself functioned differently than a typical American company as well with the employees not wearing eye or ear protection, with overall noise being less than id expect for something that functions at such a fast pace and large size. The building itself was very clean, white, and decorated with various fabrics of theirs over the years. The woman giving us the tour took us to the area where they house all of their patterns and designs dating back to the 80’s and even further in some cases due to influence from prior patterns. With the company being over 100 years old it makes sense the room would be massive, but everything was so neat and organized allowing for easy access to beautiful patterns and designs that the employees can look at for influence on what will be the styles for the upcoming season in the fashion industry.

After the tour we went to lake Como and got to see the true beauty of what everyone imagines when they think of a perfect Italian City. The mountains with gorgeous houses stretching down to the water line with architecture clearly from another time period. The weather was very rainy unfortunately, but didn’t change the fact that the day was amazing and a true Italian experience

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