The Coolest Egg in the World

Today, we had a lecture on contemporary Vietnam and learned about how Vietnam was able to renovate successfully after the Vietnam War. After the war, Ho Chi Minh City was devastated and needed support and investment from both the Vietnamese government and other countries. Fortunately, foreign countries including the United States and South Korea were able to invest in many projects to rebuild the country, which led these countries to build positive relationships. To me, this history of Vietnam and the steps the country took to overcome the hardship really hit me differently. Just like Vietnam, Korea went through its own war and the separation of the country, which left a huge scar for both South Korea and North Korea. However, after the war, South Korea was able to prosper during the reconstruction period and become a developed country with the support of the United States. Personally, it is great to see that Vietnam is also growing economically and socially after about 40 years after the war as companies and firms from South Korea work together as partners.

After the lecture and the Vietnamese class, we stopped by McDonald’s for lunch, since many of us much needed greasy American food in our body systems. Then, we headed to Glass Egg Digital Media, the company that designs graphics for global games. The company works with internationally famous clients, such as Microsoft, Sony, Marvel, and Disney. The one thing that surprised me as soon as I walked in the company was the very unconstrained work environment. Employees were allowed to watch movies or listen to music as they were working, and there was also a gaming room for employees to go anytime to take a break from work. Glass Egg tries to create this comfortable setting within the company, in order to promote workers’ creative ideas and increase efficiency. The presentation by Guillaume Monier, the COO of the company, was also held in an informal setting, which helped us to ask questions comfortably. With the abundant valuable human resources in Vietnam like these young skilled workers at Glass Egg Digital Media, I believe that Vietnam will still continue to grow in various industries in the next decade.

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