Day 6: There’s that many different types of leather?

Day 6 was a busy one, but also an insightful one as well. We started the day with a shadow of Lineapelle Leather. I definitely learned much about the production process of leather through this shadow. The presentation also involved being handed different types of animal leather for around 45 minutes nonstop. I felt leather from animals it had never even occurred to me were used for leather production such as pike fishes and frogs. I guess it if has skin, it can be worn. Another thing that stood out to me during the presentation was how much Lineapelle stressed the sustainability and circular production model within their company. I personally think that this an important aspect for Lineapelle and the leather industry to stress, as any industry that involves the slaughtering of animals for commodity should try to make sure they are doing it in the most humane way possible.

After the shadow of Lineapelle we headed to the Milan Fashion Library. This place was awesome and I really respect the collection of all different assortments of magazines and books the stylish library contained. I chose to check out several Milan magazines from the early 1960s. While the magazines were in Italian I still found them very entertaining to page through. They contained information about the cinema from the time about both Italian and American stars such as Alfred Hitchcock, Marcello Mastroianni, and Anita Ekberg who I all admire. It was also cool to see the Italian advertisements from the time period, because viewing them today, something almost appeared surreal about them, especially reading them in an Italian library.

The Velasca marketing presentation today was also very insightful. Their focus on digital marketing and a targeted marketing approach seemed like a very forward thinking marketing strategy, and from what they said, something truly unique within Italian business.


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