May 8th: Smile on my Face, Schnitzel in my Belly

St. Peter Cathedral in Regensburg

After getting my usual fried bacon from the hotel for breakfast, we headed out to the historic city of Regensburg. It was a long bus ride but it gave all of us some much needed sleep. What I found most fascinating on our tour of Regensburg were the parts of the city that dated back to the Holy Roman Empire. An example of this is the one remaining tower of the gate to the city primarily used to scare away the barbarians that inhabited the other side of the Danube River. The tour also took us to see the St. Peter Cathedral. As the tour guide explained, the cathedral was not all built at once so parts of it are limestone and others are sandstone. I found it interesting that this building was built over the course of centuries and not continually built until it was completed.

The final stop on the tour was probably the most interesting to me. We ended right along the Danube next to a historic sausage kitchen. I would have loved to try it but the line was long and we had to go to Continental soon. I heard they serve sausage on a roll with mustard and it claims to be the best in Germany. From this spot we also had a good look at just how large the main bridge truly was. I was amazed when the tour guide said it was built hundreds of years ago. This is another example of architecture amazing me because it was built with such primitive technology.

The Group Along the Danube

Once the tour was finished we headed to Continental for our company visit and factory tour. As same as the day before at Hirschvogel, the presentation was insightful; it gave a lot of good information and statistics on the company. After this we got to eat at the complex dining facility and I got my first attempt to eat schnitzel. I’ve never had schnitzel let alone German schnitzel! I absolutely loved it! What’s not to like for a meat-loving American such as myself? Also the same as the day before, the tour is what truly amazed me. After getting into our electrostatically neutral suits we entered into the facilities. Immediately, I noticed robotic carts transporting part all around the facility. Technology is truly reshaping manufacturing by automating any process that can be. One thing that also struck me as the tour went along was that, as much of the large percentage of their sales that it is, Continental is not just a tire company. I don’t think I saw one tire being produced our entire visit.

After leaving Continental we headed back to the main part of Regensburg. We had some time before dinner so, along with the German students, a group of us Americans went to a local coffee shop. It was also another great chance to talk to the German students and hear about how different their lives and culture are than in America. Once it was time, we headed from dinner at Weltenberger near the cathedral in town. At dinner, all of the Germans recommended the schnitzel. I guess I’m eating schnitzel twice today! (Perfectly okay with that) The schnitzel at dinner was wonderful. I have to say it was better than what I had at Continental earlier. The onion crisps and potato slices were amazing along with the schnitzel itself.

I left Regensburg with a smile on my face and a belly full of schnitzel. It was another great day in a truly historic town! After another long bus ride and nap back, we all went to bed and awaited an early morning wake up to go see the place I think we are all excited for most: Audi.

Highlight of the Day: Eating schnitzel for lunch and dinner.

Low of the Day: Telling my most embarrassing story to Dr. Feick and Arielle at dinner…

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