“Eaton” up All the Knowledge!

Today we explored Griffith College and had our first class in Ireland! After class, we went to Eaton for a site visit. I did not know much about Eaton when going into the site visit, but I got to know a lot about it from the speakers. This site visit was unlike any of the others we have gone to so far; they had us do an exercise where we brainstormed ideas to manage resources and finances through artificial intelligence (AI). I liked that they had us get involved instead of listening to them give a PowerPoint the entire time. We also heard from the Chief Technology Officer of Eaton, Ramanath Ramakrishnan. He talked to us about innovation and how important it is in a company. I agree that innovation is very important because business is constantly changing, and we need to know how to be above the change.

In any major and eventually career, it is important to have the skills and characteristics to be able to develop new ideas. The strengths that I have that would help me in that are leadership and a strong work ethic. I believe that innovation works best when in a group setting. I have had leadership roles in the past in some of the organizations that I have been a part of. Leadership is very important when innovating because in order to get a team together in an organized manner, there has to be a leader to bring everyone together. Once a leader is established, everyone is able to share their thoughts and opinions on the situation. Ideas flow better when everyone knows they have a say in the position and that their opinion matters. That allows people to throw out ideas that may be outside of the box which could lead to innovation. Having a strong work ethic really is a strength when it comes to creating new ideas because if I set my mind to something, I will push myself outside of my comfort zone in order to grasp original thoughts. No matter what major or career you are pursuing, you need to be able to innovate to change things up and stand out from competitors.

A skill that I would like to cultivate more over the next one or two years is complex problem solving. I am able to problem solve through basic situations in my daily life and also situations that arise through the business world that interest me. I struggle with problem solving through complicated situations. I need to learn how to think outside of the box more and open my mind to completely new ideas. Increasing my complex problem solving skills would enhance my ability to innovate. Everyone always has room for improvement, so I am hoping that I am able to grow in many skills from my internship this summer and as I dig deeper into more of my business classes at Pitt.

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