Innovation in Ireland

The sun finally came out today! We had a full day with no rain and great weather. This morning we all went out to breakfast, Saint Patricks Cathedral, went to class at Griffith College, and then had a site visit at Eaton. We did a lot of walking around Dublin today and were able to see a lot more of the city.

Eaton is a company that provides products and services with the intent to be more energy efficient and reduce emissions. We learned about the company, participated in a brainstorming activity, and met with the Chief Technology Officer. Eaton focuses a lot on innovation, which is basically creating a new method for a current product or service.

After todays site visit I thought about the skills, strengths, and personal characteristics that will allow me to innovate in my career. One of the reasons why I chose marketing as my major is because there is a creative side to marketing. I believe that having these creative skills will help me innovate and think of new ideas when assigned tasks in my future careers. In addition, I am also a strong team player. Many times in careers when you are assigned to innovative tasks you will be responsible to work with others to bounce ideas off of each other. I have worked on many group projects in past classes with people that have different personalities. I believe this will be useful in the future since I will be able to adapt to working in new situations, be able to understand the point of view of my teammates, and overall contribute my ideas and suggestions. We demonstrated working with others today at Eaton when we broke into groups and had to think of new ways of how to incorporate artificial intelligence in a finance and resource setting. We were all able to contribute, which made it much easier to think of new innovative ideas and then expand on those ideas as a group.

One skill that I would like to develop over the next one to two years would be computer, technology design, and programming skills. I would really like to become well rounded in different platforms that would allow be to expand my knowledge while also being able to use these platforms to create new ideas and assist in thinking of ideas. Some platforms I would like to learn how to use are InDesign, Photoshop, and Hootsuite. These are some platforms that I may need to use in future jobs that I am interested in pursuing.

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