Chapter 8: Palermo & Malba

Today marks the day we have been here for one whole week. Now that it is the weekend we spent some time doing some cultural activities which included a walk around Palermo in the morning, followed by lunch, and concluding with a visit to the art museum Malba.

While visiting Malba we were able to explore the two floors that they offered exhibits. The first one that we look at, the second floor, focused on photographs and had an exhibit that was surreal photography which I though was very interesting. Some of these photos featured a turtle’s head placed onto different objects, but because there was no artist statement the piece was up for interpretation. As we continued our exploration of the museum we ventured to the first floor which had a good mix of different art styles, anywhere from modern art to painters such a Frida Kahlo.   

As we walked around the first floor I tried to find a piece that stood out to me. While a lot of them had pops of color that intrigued me, I became more interested ina piece with a bold meaning. The work, Children playing and the farewell 1930, seemed to depict what may be a funeral to the left and children playing to the right. At first glance, the human on the left blended into the landscape, however after I read the artist statement I began to gain a better understand of what the artist’s purpose was in the piece. I like the piece because it created a tie between our childhood when we are young, to something so foreign to us that seems so far away, death. The cool colors of the piece set the tone for its mean, and simple elements such as what appears to be a girl playing with her dog but then a depiction of her dog possibly passing, address grievance and even if we do not what it means to die we still experience the sadness that comes with it. 

I really enjoyed the visit to Malba today because I was able to see the art influences prevalent in Argentina. It was amazing to see the lively and colorful streets of Palermo as well.

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