Day 7: SmART Thinking

Today was a day full of exploration! We first explored the neighborhoods of Palermo, and then we toured the Malba, a modern art museum. The streets of Palermo are plastered with beautiful art with vibrant colors. I really enjoyed walking through the city and seeing the images that were depicted on the walls. We also went to a street market in Palermo, where we were able to interact with more of the locals. Following a hearty lunch, we visited the Malba in Buenos Aires. The museum is filled with different mediums of contemporary art from many time periods.

On the streets of Palermo, I was captivated by a painting in an alleyway of an astronaut riding a bike. The image was so imaginative and unexpected to me. I was very intrigued as to why the author chose to portray the astronaut in this way. The use of the colors was also really pleasing to me. I found the image striking because it reminded of a children’s drawing, but in a more grownup way.

At the museum, my favorite piece of art from the museum was a three-dimensional piece of art on the first floor. While I was unable to get the name of the artist and the title of the work, I did manage to snap a picture. The piece was composed of several small plexiglass circles strung together so that they dangle from the top of a small structure. The circular pieces move around in such a way that they create colorful shadows on the back wall of the exhibit. I was very captivated by this piece of art because of the many different reflections the glass created. The art looked different from every angle, and each angle was very pleasing to the eye. While I do not think the artist meant for the piece to have any profound meaning, I did think the piece was a visual representation of looking at life with a different perspective.   Tomorrow we are headed to a ranch nearby. I am interested to see more about where the food in this country comes from, and how the quality standards compare to the United States. It will certainly be a change of pace from the urban city, but I am excited to see what the day brings!

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