Today was a day full of art. Taking a break from our usual academic days packed with lectures and site visits, we explored Buenos Aires’s bustling art scene. Before ending the day with a tour of MALBA, the Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires, we walked around Palermo Hollywood and Palermo SoHo, two neighborhoods known for being very artsy and having their streets covered in abstract street art. Every building was either brightly colored or had some sort of mural on the side.

The number of pictures on my phone’s camera roll quite literally doubled in size today from photos of the beautiful street art, but my favorite is definitely this street art astronaut riding a bicycle on the moon with Earth, other planets and galaxies in the background. I really love this mural because of how quirky it is. I like how the artist has humor in his or her work and it’s in such a public place for all to enjoy.

I feel pretty unqualified to talk about art as a 19 year old who still draws stick figures, but I think this piece, and street art more generally, is interesting in its anonymity. Usually, art tends to be centered around the artist that created it and the skill they possess. Art is just another piece work in a collection by the artist. With street art, however, that element is gone and the focus can be on the art itself. The art can stand out on its own. Street art also tends to be a lot less stuffy than typical art found in museums, and that is part of the reason why I was so drawn to this mural. When we were walking around MALBA later this afternoon, I felt lost. I saw a lot of really odd pictures and sculptures, and I couldn’t figure out the meanings behind any of them. But, with street art like this, there is not the same pressure to find some ambiguous, deeper meaning in the work and it is generally much more relatable. I really like street art because it helps to give the community a sense of unity and a recognizable culture.

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