Chapter 9: A Day at the Ranch

Today was one of my favorite days by far. Other than the fact that it is Mother’s Day, shout out to my mom, our group when to an Argentine Ranch in Estancia. Here we were met with, as they had been telling us about, juicy empanadas that were some of the best we had come across in Argentina. After this 11 o’clock breakfast, we were given time to explore the ranch. In that time, we were able to take a carriage ride from one of the workers Luca, meet some horses, see some adorable piglets, and had just enough time to talk to the parrot coco. 

After our exploration we were called into our second meal by the ringing of a bell where everyone that was on the ranch, from all over the world, got together to feast on way too much food. Even better, our lunch was accompanied by a singer playing the guitar, and dancers who showed us all sorts of moves and dances, including the tango of course. The dancers rounded some of us up and next thing I knew I was in the front of the stage dancing with strangers I had just met in that time from a father and son from Lima Peru. The best part of the lunch and show though which was quite a spectacle, was when the singer came down from the stage and serenaded me in front of the whole barn full of people. 

A view from the Carriage Ride

After lunch we were met with a show that included horses, and the “gauchos” that worked at the ranch, who played games and raced. In one of the games it was the job of the gaucho to ride the horse very fast and get a small ring on a rod. If successful, he would bring it over to the crowd and select one girl to give the ring to and would kiss them on the cheek. In traditional times, it was then the husband or partner of this women who would go up to the horse and kiss it. Our show was, yet again, met with more food which included pastries and a version of the authentic yerba mate tea. An eventful day to say the least, followed by none other than a nap on the bus ride back to the city.

To anyone that may be considering the Plus 3 Argentina trip and is interested in Argentine culture, this day is wholly representative of not only their culture but also their history. For me, this was the first time I have ever been in South America, and experiencing something so unfamiliar to me, in a new place, has been amazing.

My Serenade

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