I think if I had to navigate myself around the city of Dublin, I would have no problem. I might not have not known the best places to go, but I know I would be able to find my way to Howth. The ways I would would navigate around the cities is using my phone for navigation, asking locals, and taking public transportation. All these ways in my opinion would have been sufficient enough to find my way to and from Howth. If I were to go alone t would be more stressful, but once again, I think I would be able to find my way around and make sure that I arrived and got back safely.

It is hard to tell how I would prepare for potential bumps, but I will always have extra money and my phone to solve all the problems possible. I would also talk to the locals to make sure I know how to get there correctly. What I have learned from this trips traveling experience is that anything can happen. It is important to stay calm and collected the whole time. A lot of the problems will be out of your control and you will not be able to do much about it. In traveling the best rule to follow is that you must remain safe. If you are able to follow that one rule and get to your destination then everything is ok.

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