Day 6 at the Docklands

Today was another long day. We started the day with going to breakfast, class at Griffith College, visiting Trinity College, and then went on a tour of Google’s Dublin office.

While we were at Trinity College we met with Dr. Kelley who has lived in Ireland his entire life. He shared his story of what it was like growing up in Ireland and how much the city has changed over the years. Dr. Kelley walked with us to the Docklands, which is the area that is home to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other large companies. Prior to us walking over he showed us pictures on his laptop of what this area looked like over 10 years ago. It was basically just a large area of land with a few buildings and houses. Now this area looks completely different since there are buildings, hotels, and apartment complex’s everywhere. In addition, they are continuing to expand and grow because there was a lot of construction and many buildings were being built in the area. Dr. Kelley said that the reason for why they have been seeing an economic growth in Ireland is because Ireland was able to get loans from Germany in order to rebuild and update the Docklands.

During our time with Dr. Kelley he shared a lot of his opinions and thoughts about Ireland. The two assertions he made that stood out to me the most was that the Irish are better because they can communicate and are better at lying in business situations. The other assertion he made was that the Irish are more creative. I personally disagree with first assertion he made because I feel that Americans are just as good with communicating with others and able to get their way around business situations. I personally feel that communicating is all based on peoples personalities and not ones ethnicity. I do agree with his second assertion that the Irish are more creative and are better in situations with no limitations. For example in America when we are assigned an essay assignment we are so used to getting rubrics with the requirements that need to be met. Since we have grown up in this nature it becomes more difficult when we are assigned an essay with no requirements because we don’t know where to start, how long it should be, how many paragraphs, and how many quotes to use. In Ireland Dr. Kelley mentioned that students are use to not getting rubrics so they are able to be more creative when it comes to assignments. Even though I do agree with this assertion I still believe that everyone is creative in his or her own way and again it does not come down ones ethnicity.

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