El Ojo del Tigre

Today was another very long day.  We started our morning meeting in the lobby at 7:40 sharp. We then travelled by bus to the municipal of Tigre to get on a boat to travel to a community health center called Puesto Sanitario Delta Tigre. I may have taken a few quick naps on the bus and boat. When we arrived at the health center, we were greeted by a very cute dog on the porch steps.  When we went inside, we were taught about the public community health care system in Tigre. Tigre is interesting because it includes a wide network of different health centers that feed into a few of the hospitals. The Tigre area is capable of having a strong public health system because it is relatively a richer area and receives sufficient funding by the municipality. I really enjoyed learning about how they utilize their ambulance boats and mobile systems to navigate healthcare coverage and accessibility throughout the islands of Tigre. Tigre’s successful network of primary care and hospitals demonstrates one of the few instances in Argentina where primary care is prioritized. The biggest benefit of utilizing primary care is accessibility and an increase in preventative care. Primary care health centers allow people more access because they cover a generally smaller geographic area of people. This means that they are more capable of being individualized with their community in treating them for different health issues. Additionally, the focus on primary care decreases foot traffic in hospitals which are generally more expensive to operate. This means that primary care centers are more efficient at saving resources in two different ways. First of all, they can treat more minor issues with the resources they have and save the hospital’s resources. The second reason is that they can work with patients before something major happens as a part of preventative care to save future resources.

After the healthcare center visit, we took the boat back to the main land and went to Tigre Boat Club for lunch. Then, we did some shopping in an artisan market for some souvenirs. After that, we went to Hospital Infantil Tigre and took a tour. We learned a lot about their childcare and maternity units. It was an interesting site visit; however, it was very hot which made it feel a bit long. After that, we came to back to Buenos Aires and our professor, Grant, bought us all ice cream! Tomorrow should be fun with a service activity and tango lessons up ahead!

Highlight of the Day: Getting Dulce de Leche Ice Cream!

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