ICAFE Takes Coffee Seriously.

            ICAFE put the coffee production industry in a new light for me. I had never before looked at coffee as being so scientific or substantial, but at ICAFE they take coffee seriously. It was so cool to see the behind the scenes research that goes into fixing problems Costa Rican coffee farmers have in order to better prepare their crop. I also love and appreciate their initiative to research environmental conscious practices that can be used throughout the coffee farming industry. For example, they test the reliability of different wastes from coffee production as use for biomass in their drying facility. They also have an entire lab dedicated to finding natural, biological fertilizers that fights against diseases within coffee. 

            ICAFE’s research is funded by a tax paid by coffee producers in their sales of the crop. I think this is such a unique and beneficial approach to funding instead of the typical taxing of every person in the country. This approach forces coffee crop to be at its peak because the farmers pay the tax no matter what, so they obviously will make use of the research available to them at ICAFE. This means they will have to be following all federal rules and regulations for coffee producing because research is usually only done of those farms that are at peak standards. Their innovation within the coffee industry is amazing, and it makes me want to only buy coffee on Costa Rica due to the fact I know it is following the best standards thanks to ICAFE. 

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